A Co- Branded Partnership for Shopping Mall Owners


In today's mobile world, it's a necessity to connect directly to your customers.

ShopJester offers most advanced mobile app features offered to mall owners to better communicate directly with customers.

Shopping Mall owners can now have a robust mobile solution for personalized messaging to increase mall traffic and in store purchases.

Users don’t need to install multiple apps for every retailer or coupon site, only ShopJester!

A Quote from Forbes

“Apps can be a great way to drive loyalty, as they're a perfect conduit to engage with customers. the advantage of engaged customers is more repeat buyers, which leads to a higher customer lifetime value. when companies turn one-time purchasers into repeat buyers, additional purchases will end up costing them only a third to an eighth as much.”

ShopJester creates a co-branded app version for each Shopping Mall or Outlet- Center

Our Features:

When a shopper arrives, your custom mall start screen opens automatically and greets the user.

application screens

Then, using behavioral data the app sends relevant behavioral messaging of sales and coupons to users while shopping. Each shopper can control the number of messages they receive.


And, you can also communicate with your customers at home to pre -shop and drive traffic to your mall.


Our suite of real-time shopping analytics provides each mall with key shopping data. age - gender – mall location - time of day - store - product type
ShopJester provides all of the management of the app so there is virtually no work for the mall owner and we work together on promotion.

And it’s a Free service for shopping mall owners!

For Shoppers

One app provides you with the key sales and coupons at each mall and every store.

Your behavioral shopping tastes ensure that each message is relevant to you.

You can shop from home by selecting the mall stores and previewing upcoming sales and events.

Geo-target push notifications to each shopper right at a store.

The mobile is app free for users, just install from the iOS app or for Android google play.